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Click here to use our new online booking system "Doc Appointments"   go to http://www.docappointments.com.au/



    easy and fast access
    secure environment
    appointments that are available ONLY online
    make or cancel the appointment anytime – even after hours
    avoid long phone calls to the practice


Step-by-step instructions

  • Go to http://www.docappointments.com.au/   This will take you to the log-in and registration page:   Click “Register” if you are registering as a PATIENT.   This will allow you to make appointments for yourself, or your family members.
  • Fill in the details required in the “New User Registration” screen – your details are transferred and stored in a secure environment and will NOT be used for any other purposes. You will not receive any marketing material not related to your appointments.
  • Once your registration is confirmed you can immediately start making appointments – fast and at any time – with one click of your mouse from any of the slots marked “Available” on the screen, or single-click again to cancel an appointment.


Instructions for iPhone, iPad or Android App appointments booking system

Summary of Advantages :

    easy and fast access
    secure environment
    appointments that are available ONLY online
    make or cancel the appointment anytime – even after hours
    avoid long phone calls to the practice

Step by Step instructions : Installing the App

  • Go to the Apple iTunes, Android Market or Google Play stores, search for 'docappointments’ and download the FREE App for your iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • Click on the button “FREE APP” or “INSTALL” button to download and install. This can be completed on your computer or directly on your smart phone or tablet device.
  • Follow the registration process and prompts. If you are already registered for online appointments, you must use the same username and password.    Add your family members to make appointments on their behalf as well.


Step by Step instructions : Making an Appointment

Launch the App and select “Find a Doctor”.
  • You can select ‘current location’ to find the nearest Doctor’s Practice, or search by the list, to locate the name of your local Practice.
  • ‘Current location’ will ask for your location services to be enabled. Click on your preferred Practice to see the appointments available.  Or, if you have selected ‘List of all Surgeries’, scroll up/down and locate your preferred Practice. Click to view the appointments available.
  • You can choose your preferred Doctor or select ‘First Available Appointments’ for a list of appointments available with a Doctor at the Practice you have selected.
  • By default the calendar will show appointments available on that day.  Click on another date to view more available appointments. A small “.” underneath the date, indicates there are appointments available that day.
  • Single click to make an appointment with your Doctor. To cancel, click again on the same appointment. You will receive an email to confirm your appointment.


Once you’ve made your appointment, the details are all saved into your calendar – including the Practice address and phone number.   You will receive an reminder alert one day before, as well as one hour before your Doctor’s appointment is scheduled.


Our work to promote sustainability PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Dr Malcolm McKelvie is involved with the local sustainability network, is a member of the Greens and has stood as a candidate in 2 federal elections. Part of the reason to work in Yarragon was to set up a clinic with sustainability in mind so you will find the building has been designed to be as energy efficient as practicable. It features passive solar design to allow in Winter sun and exclude Summer sun, double glazing throughout, maximum use of daylight, dark tiles to enhance thermal mass effect, good insulation, stack effect to vent warm air overnight in Summer, a 5KW photovoltaic system, solar hot water, energy efficient lighting, external shading to west facing windows and an efficient heating and cooling system to use when needed. 

We encourage behaviours that reduce wastage like printing on both sides of paper, filling the kettle with only the required amount of water, recycling, organic waste to the worm farm in the vegetable garden onsite, minimising use of hot water unless needed and sensible of the thermostats for heating and cooling. Most computers are laptops that use considerably less power than desktop computers. There is a master switch to shut off power to all but essential appliances like the server and vaccine fridge to use overnight and two stand-by power switches on infrequently used items like the microwave. We are able to produce more power than we use as a result of these efforts.

The vacant block next door has been converted to a community garden where Dr McKelvie gardens with volunteers on a Tuesday morning. We collect organic waste from other businesses in town including food waste, hair from hairdressers and potato starch packaging foam from retailers. Excess produce from the garden is available for all to take from a table inside (with some encouragement to leave a donation for the Baw Baw Sustainability Network). 


Services overview

Located in Yarragon, we provide general practice care to all age groups. We also offer services of immunisations, wound care, acupuncture, hypnosis, treatment and removal of skin spots and other minor procedures, shared antenatal care and weight management.


A standard consultation is booked for 15 minutes which includes 13-14 minutes face to face and another 1-2 minutes for recording the notes.  If you need longer than this please ask for a long or prolonged appointment.  We endeavour to respect your time by asking you to come back for another appointment to complete the consultation if time is insufficient.

After hours care
We are available for urgent medical problems 24 hours a day, every day.  Please use the same phone number 56370222.    If you receive no response due to poor mobile coverage or any other reason, please ring the West Gippsland Hospital on 56230611.

If you have an emergency, please ring 000 and request an ambulance.

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Contact Us

Phone:    5637 0222

Fax:          5634 2686



1 campbell St Yarragon