Doctors who work at Yarragon Medical Centre are independent and set their own fees. They offer a mixed billing service where bulk billing may be available for children under 16, pensioners and health care card holders. Veterans with a gold card will be billed for all eligible services through DVA.

Privately billed consultations are to be paid on the day, including telehealth consultations.

Fees for consultations

Indicative fees for consultations (updated November 2023 )

Consult Type Fee Your Medicare rebate Out of pocket cost
Short – up to 5min (Level A) $50.00 $18.85 $31.15
Standard- up to 19min (Level B) $80.00 $41.20 $38.80
Long- up to 39min (Level C) $130.00 $79.70 $50.30
Prolonged- over 40min (Level D) $170.00 $117.40 $62.60

Other out of pocket costs:

  • $20 will be charged for minor surgical procedures.
  • $15 for simple dressings
  • $30 for complex dressings
  • $80 for iron infusions
  • $80 for 24 hour blood pressure monitoring
  • After hours consultations will be privately billed
  • $80 non attendance fee.