Skin Checks

Skin Checks

Each year in Australia over 2,000 people die from skin cancer; yet most skin cancers are preventable and the majority of skin cancers can be successfully treated, if found early.

While prevention is better than cure, being familiar with your own skin should help you to detect any suspicious lumps or spots as soon as they develop, at a stage when they can be successfully treated.

All Australians should become familiar with their skin. Be aware of your entire body as skin cancers can sometimes occur on parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun.

Use a hand-held mirror to check the skin on your back and the back of your neck, or ask someone else to look for you. Don’t forget your armpits, inner legs, ears, eyelids, hands and feet. Check between your fingers and toes. Use a comb to move sections of hair aside and inspect your scalp.

Be alert to new or changing moles, freckles and spots. If you notice anything unusual, see your doctor straight away. If you don’t have a regular doctor, you can make an appointment with any doctor for a skin examination.